200,000 Pageviews and Growing

It’s 10pm on October 30 and Warren Fischer is probably hosting one of the best Halloween parties of the year. Sonja has put on a dress and brewed some chai and I’ve found my favourite sweater. We’re staying home to celebrate a new milestone: 200,000 page views and counting.

I want to thank all the bloggers and commenters for bringing this community to life and for every member and visitor who decided to join in. I also want to thank all of you for being patient while we upgrade our servers to handle the flood of new traffic. Happy Halloween everybody!

Press Credentials

I haven’t been to Shambhala in 5 years. The memories are fading but I can still see moments from those 72 hours of relentless beats, wondering heat-stricken among cross-eyed ravers, clouds of dust and dirt choking me with each gulp of warm water. I think I had fun.

This year, once again, I’m not going. I have to work, or should I say: I have chosen to work. But thankfully (since I’m nosy), I can still follow out what’s going on. News.Inthekoots.com has two media passes and Sonja and Natalka have volunteered to brave the dancing hordes and file live reports throughout the day.

You can follow what’s going on at News in the Kootenays, Arts in the Kootenays, and Sonja’s personal blog.

Dave, what are you doing?

We ask so much of our servers — hundreds of thousands of requests per day, no breaks, slave wages… It’s a hard life. Well, this morning our server decided it had enough and went on strike.

You’ll probably notice that everything is running slow or not at all. There is simply too much traffic for the amount of available memory.

So what are we doing about it?

This morning and afternoon we started a complete backup of the whole system so that this evening we can resize the server – double the memory, double the hard-drive space, etc. This means the server will be slow for the rest of the afternoon and then be down for about a half hour this evening. After that, you should notice a significant increase in speed.

Thanks for being patient while we grow!

50,000 pageviews and counting

Wow! What an amazing month. We launched the Kootenay Network on July 1 in public beta with the goal of providing you, our beloved region, a place to connect with friends, swap stories, and find the news and information that’s important to you.

The launch was meant to be a “soft” launch — a semi-secret beta release that would introduce the site to a few people for the purpose of testing our system in a live environment. July and August were meant to be a time for fixing bugs and making improvements to our design, in anticipation of our September 10 public launch.

But the word leaked out and you responded more positively than we could have imagined! In the last month, we had 6,632 visitors to inthekoots.com and almost 50,000 page views (we should reach that number by the end of today0. And we have seen at least those numbers on our various Facebook pages, Youtube channel, and Twitter feeds.

Network traffic for July 2010
Network traffic for July 2010

No matter how big our online community grows, I want to sincerely thank you, individually, for choosing to be a part of our community (even if that just means checking out an occasional story on News in the Kootenays or clicking on the occasional Facebook Like button). Every single person is a treasure.

I also want to thank you in advance for being patient with us as we continue to test our systems, fix bugs and make improvements to our design. Please send us your feedback or bug reports to [email protected] Thanks again!