Fallen: An animation about Life, death, existence

The quote that drew me to check out this video:

When people ask me how I can be at peace without belief in god or an afterlife, now I can just show them Fallen and save myself a lot of time and effort.

I don’t think we can really know what’s beyond, or even what existence means, but I appreciate the sentiment: if this is all we have, it’s more than enough.

6 thoughts on “Fallen: An animation about Life, death, existence”

  1. If you interpret the atmospheric entry/sinking into a dark abyss as a metaphorical birth/life/death cycle, there is a Zen-like, ‘Hey if this is it, we may as well enjoy the ride’ feel to the video. The struggle for meaningful existence and the need for a new existentialism has been there in the human psyche for eons, so it’s always interesting to see new slants on it. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Life is an inevitable, unstoppable plummet toward death. I found it powerful when he/she? got burned by the water in the highest cloud. He looks down and realizes he’s plummeting toward an ocean of that pain — his death. He struggles to stop his fall. He protests to the heavens. And then, he gives in to the inevitable: he will soon be dead. And only then can he begin to enjoy the life he has left.

        1. Thanks for the discussion, Steve and Rik.

          I didn’t quite get the entity’s reaction to the water in the clouds and the ocean.

          I understood the fear, the impending death, but missed the premonition the cloud gave him/her of what was to come.

          1. Hi Chris,
            Yeah, it’s a potential flaw in the ‘logic’ of the video, in that it is debatable that an alien entity (if that’s what it is) would be able to cross-relate the singeing by water vapor to the presence of a massive body of water beneath it. Let’s face it, there is no context for what we are watching, unless the video is part of a cycle of videos that give some background to the entity, where it came from etc. I can buy the plummet = lifespan thing, but if you look too deeply, it can get a little sketchy. I think Rik’s right about the idea of surrender and not resisting the inevitable, and not wasting time fearing/defying it. Peace out.

  2. What I felt as I watched it is the “we are not in control – of anything!” aspect to it and the sweet surrender to the unknown that is life, death and whatever else. I loved it and found it surprisingly touching.

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