8 thoughts on “Snorkelling with a Humpback Whale”

  1. Talk about making the most out of your vacation! It’s a shame that the camera can’t capture the full essence of the moment you shared with the whales and turtles but it does give a pretty clear notion of it. Was your heart beating though your chest? What was it like? And what’s next? Swimming with sharks or hiking an active volcano?

    1. It was pretty amazing I didn’t know it was there until I could see the white outline of it’s fin coming up from the deep. And then I got so excited I forgot about the camera — I actually saw a mom and a calf too.

  2. couldn’t you get any closer?! ah that is so cool, I love love love! as i’m sitting here at my kitchen table watching big phat flakes pour from the sky, i’m loving the duality of reality through your underwater videos streaming from the other side of the world.
    kiss the sun and sea for me!

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