Snorkelling in the Molokini volcanic crater

Sonja and I caught a boat ride this morning to Molokini Island for a few hours of snorkelling. We didn’t see anything big but we were serenaded by humpback whales the whole time — If you listen carefully you can hear them in the video. They sounded so close Sonja wanted to swim out and find them.

The Molokini Crater is a partially sunken volcanic coldera off the coast of Maui. It’s also a marine reserve and, apparently, one of the best dive sites in the world.

Press Credentials

I haven’t been to Shambhala in 5 years. The memories are fading but I can still see moments from those 72 hours of relentless beats, wondering heat-stricken among cross-eyed ravers, clouds of dust and dirt choking me with each gulp of warm water. I think I had fun.

This year, once again, I’m not going. I have to work, or should I say: I have chosen to work. But thankfully (since I’m nosy), I can still follow out what’s going on. has two media passes and Sonja and Natalka have volunteered to brave the dancing hordes and file live reports throughout the day.

You can follow what’s going on at News in the Kootenays, Arts in the Kootenays, and Sonja’s personal blog.

Into Pine Creek Canyon and meeting Peter Croft

Road to Pine Creek Canyon
Road to Pine Creek Canyon

The wind was blowing hard and cool but the sky was blue and although the clouds raced over the mountains from the west they were still small. We knew bad weather was coming and if we were going to make it into the Pine Creek Canyon to climb it would have to be today. Continue reading Into Pine Creek Canyon and meeting Peter Croft