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  1. Gah. I’m terrible at speeches myself.

    Don’t get into the embarrassing stories, that’s one piece of advice.

    That reminds me of what my best man said at my wedding, actually. Ian and I have been friends for 15 years now. When it came time to buy my first beer (back in my irresponsible teen years in Calgary) it was him who suggested Wildcat Strong, as it packs the most alcoholic punch at the cheapest price.

    Taste was not a consideration in those days.

    However, Ian showed considerable taste at my wedding when he got up to say a few words.

    “Sheps [all my university buddies call me Sheps] and I go way back,” Ian told the audience of friends and family, including my grandmother who’s into her 90s now. “I have some excellent, embarrassing stories,” he continued.

    “If you’d like to hear them, they’re available at a price later tonight . . . ”

    The audience ate it up and Ian went on to talk about me, what our friendship meant to him and then his impressions of Crystal and what he thought of her.

    That’s all I can contribute. Good luck. I would say keep it simple and honest and everyone will appreciate it.

    Then collect the money for telling the embarrassing stories later in the night. Alternatively, your brother could pay you to NOT tell the stories.

  2. All I can say is life is two short to fret the small things.
    Remember to live, Love & Laugh:
    -Live life to the fullest in every moment and enjoy what life has to offer. Don’t worry about what you can’t change and come up with solutions to things you can change.
    -Love the people who are dearest to you and the things you do. Go forward with Love in your life and forgive others for their mistakes unless you are perfect.
    -Laugh a lot, as laughter is the key to a happy life, and crying is also fine. Feel whatever is inside and see where it takes you.

    Sam Lewis

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